Hello, My Name Is Fariz Abdussalam

My name is Fariz Abdussalam. He is studying a Master of Technology and Innovation Management at UNSW, Australia. Fariz Abdussalam hopes he can enlighten your already bright minds with his writing.

Fariz Abdussalam is a man who loves to develop and improve my life skill towards mankind, such as people skill or emotional intelligence, and also really love to learn something new for my success in the future.

Soft skill competences :

• Handling Stress – I have an ability to keep thinking objectively even in stressful situation.
• Accurate Listening – I have an openness to people and a willingness to hear what others are saying and not what I think they should say, or are going to say.
• Self Confidence and Can Do Attitude – I have abilities to develop and maintain inner strength and motivation based on desire to succeed.
• Following Directions – I have the ability to effectively hear, understand, and follow directions or instructions.

Fariz Abdussalam discovered his passion in writing only 2 years ago, in 2015, when Fariz Abdussalam became a volunteer content writer for RajaPena.org. Since then, Fariz Abdussalam has tried to publish one article on daily basis. Feel free to give him any suggestion/advice about a hot issue for the next article. You can reach Fariz Abdussalam on his social media or  his email, australianfariz@gmail.com. Thank you very much!


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