All Muslims Terrorist are Uneducated Muslims

As a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia, I condemn and reject all forms of terrorist attacks. As an Ahmadi Muslim I follow our community’s motto Love for All, Hatred for None. The Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement said Faith in Islam is composed of two parts. First is a complete love of God and second is a total service for humankind to such a degree that you consider the suffering and the trials and tribulations of others as your own and that you pray for them. Based on this beautiful teaching, it’s impossible for any Muslims to do such a barbaric thing.

Therefore, all terrorist attacks under the name of Islam are really showing how uneducated they are about their faith. The terrorist groups easily brainwash manipulate and in essence alter the pure teachings of Islam hence portraying that Muslim faith is all about terrorism, while in truth this defies the true teachings of Islam. Education and understanding about true teachings of Islam is the key to preventing all youth Muslims to become susceptible to these radicalists.


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