Islam Emphasizes Liberty

I can understand if there is not a lot of people that knows Islam in a nation where Islam is a minority. Gary John, former Labor Minister is one of the example. Regarding Gary John’s opinion about Islam is a threat to liberty on May 31, 2017 in the Australian, the article shows John’s lack of understanding about Islam.

As a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia, I want to invite Australian to learn Islam from the history of the Founder of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh),  When Muhammad (pbuh) married Siti Khadija, he freed all her slaves. Before Islam came, women have limited rights in society. They were treated by their husband like a slave. They could not inherited a property. after Islam came, women have the right to divorce her husbands and can inherit property. Lastly, Muhammad (pbuh) did not come to the world to establish a Sharia Law in every Nation. His mission was only to unite Humanity under One God and preached “love for all hatred for none” to all people. in Conclusion, Islam truly emphasizes liberty.


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